Mobili-T (Mobile Therapy) is a
tool to help you complete swallowing
therapy from home.

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Mobili-T (Mobile Therapy) is a
system for remote swallowing

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What is Mobili-T?

Mobili-T is a portable swallowing therapy system. It is composed of a wireless piece of hardware that is placed under the chin, and an app that provides real-time biofeedback on a mobile device.

This is accomplished using sEMG (surface electromyography) to track muscle activity. Data are then transmitted to the app via bluetooth. This gives patients the freedom to perform prescribed daily exercises at home while electronically updating clinicians regarding their progress.

Intensive swallowing therapy, particularly using sEMG, can improve oral intake, reduce aspiration of food into the lungs, and eliminate the need for a feeding tube.

Mobili-T aims to reduce the current barriers to this therapy, such as access to rehabilitation centres, by providing a motivating, portable solution to individuals affected by a swallowing disorder.


New device that helps
people swallow

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Helping throat cancer
patients swallow again

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"I was able to enjoy
Christmas dinner."
- Ted Power

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"Meals are the centre of our social life. You go out for meals with friends, and eat every day with family or loved ones."
-Kim Flowers

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